Excavations Services in Lewisport and Owensboro, KY

Shape Your Construction Project

Leave it to our Lewisport and Owensboro, KY excavating contractors

Erecting a new structure on a piece of land requires you to move dirt around and clear the land. Fortunately, the Lewisport and Owensboro, KY excavating contractors at GN Excavating & Trucking Corp. can complete the job for you. We can work at residential, commercial and industrial properties in the area. You can expect us to use high-quality precision equipment to move the dirt on your property wherever you need it.

We also offer bulk material management services at industrial properties. You can trust us to move materials to staging areas so they can be transported. Share your plans with us now so our experts can prepare your construction site properly.

Make way for new structures

Our Lewisport and Owensboro, KY excavating contractors can create new features or prepare your land for new structures. We can:

  1. Construct driveways and home and building sites
  2. Install and repair septic systems
  3. Create ponds and lakes

We’re licensed to install septic systems at your property. Get in touch with us today to schedule our excavation services.